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    A collection of free goodies for my faithful subscribers. I have checked out each and every item, and believe each to be worth your time. I add new items about once a week, so feel free to check back.

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    Jim Green

26 Marketing Mistakes - 26 of the biggest marketing mistakes that are costing you (and all other small and medium sized businesses) thousands of dollars every week, and how to avoid them.
Seven Psychological Secrets - seven hidden psychological secrets to maximize your profits.

Case Study of 33 Days - How An Innocent Customer Comment Made Us A Whopping $33,566 ... in just 2 1/2 weeks!
Greatest Marketing Secrets - If you look back to the great ad men of this century you'll find some incredible marketing strategies you can dust off and use for your own business. I hope you realize, human nature does not change. Human beings will continue being sold by the same appeals that have been used for centuries.
Guaranteed Success Thinking - Discover The Incredible 5-Step Goal Achievement System That Gives You A Positively Unfair Advantage In Business... and in Life!

Interviews - This eBook (exe format may not work on MAC) contains interviews with some famous and some not so famous Ezine or Newsletter Publishers. All the featured publishers have at least 1,000 subscribers, and they reveal how they sign up new subscribers and maintain their list.

Magic Story - by Frederick Van Rensselaer Day
An immediate, worldwide sensation was created after "The Magic Story" first made its appearance in 1900 in the original Success Magazine. After 1000's of requests for the reprint, a tiny, silver book was published.
You may not be able to find the silver book today, but I have made the story into a pdf eBook so that you too may benefit from its powerful message.
Rebrand Profits - This eBook was written to provide some quality tips on how to make money. There are some affiliate links throughout the book. They are good folks, but don't feel obliged to purchase anything unless you need it.

The Secret To Winning Every Time - The Secret to Winning Every Single Time… In Everything You Do. Exactly how to rise above the competition in every aspect of your life so you can enjoy all the happiness, prosperity and MONEY you want… any time you want it!

Web Site Design - The Quick and Easy Web Design Formula. Now, anyone can design a web page using the editors that are available today. You don’t have to learn html and you don’t have to be a web design expert to start making money online.
Adsense Report - This special report is a collection of unique articles written on Google AdSense marketing. It comes with FREE Master Resale Rights.
14 Point Analysis - of a Winning Web Site. An Audio eBook!
Ezy Link Expire - This PHP script will give you the system to create your own web site links that expire at a time pre-determined by you! You can put this to use for your web business and see for yourself what type of better sales ratio you can have! Imagine offering a sale and informing your customers that the link must be followed within 48 hours...72 hours...6 hours...whatever time limit YOU want! Imagine being able to offer free downloads to your mailing list - and setting a download limit of 500 clicks...1,000 clicks...2,000 clicks...whatever limit YOU want! Requirs some knowleged of programming and web database setup.
Bloggers Edge - Blogs are dead. Well as your primary money-making venture they probably are. Read about why you should have a blog as a marketing tool.

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