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Looking For a Chance to Earn a Gazillion Dollars in 30 Days? Sorry. I can't help.

Want to Learn About Making a Good Buck on the Internet? Willing to Do Some Hard Work to Get There? Then This Newsletter is For You!

Are You Finally Ready To Learn Different Techniques For Building Your Business And Growing Your On-line Income? Then This Newsletter IS For YOU!

Jim MrIdea Green Presents... The Great Ideazine!

The Great Ideazine is chock full of really important information for small business owners and anyone even considering making money on-line!

The goal of The Great Ideazine is to bring you all of the Great Ideas to help you make your small business a success.

What I am going to give you is a ton of rock solid ideas and proven concepts for making more money on-line and off-line.

Many great ideas have been borrowed from Disney and other successful corporations and adapted to small business. I am constantly looking for new ways to make money...and when I find them I'm going to write them up in The Great Ideazine for you.

You'll discover such things as ...

  • What to do BEFORE you start your new business.
  • How to choose the right business for you.
  • How to decide who your real customers are.
  • How to Cultivate New Customers for your product.
  • How to Create an Effective Newsletter.
  • How to Choose a good Domain Name.
  • How to Get Subscribers and Generate Leads for your Newsletter.
  • How to Create Effective Ads.
  • How to Make your Web site Attractive.
  • How to Win Traffic through Search Engines.
  • How to set up your own Affiliate Program.
  • How to Create Newsletters that Sell as Well as Inform.

Hi! I'm Jim Green and I publish The Great Ideazine. I have been an entrepreneur for over 50 years - yes I am that old! I am a retired educator, union leader and negotiator. For most of the last 50 plus years, I have had at least one business on the go.

I've made a buck and lost one also! but at the end of the day, life has been good. I'm not a bazillionaire, but I am comfortable.

I love people, and I really get a kick out of watching someone succeed, so I created this newsletter to try to help more people succeed. I know that I could charge big bucks for my services, because I frequently do just that, but for now, I'm offering you this newsletter for free.

Sign up now, and The Great Ideazine will be yours free for as long as you want it.

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More stuff will constantly be added. As long as you stay subscribed, you get to take advantage of it all !


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Jim Green

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Personal information gathered on our web site is never shared, rented, donated, sold or otherwise made available to anyone else. Period!